Sep 16, 2010

Mount Lindo Memorial Park

This Labor Day Weekend (Sunday) I celebrated an early birthday by dragging Dad and Vondy to Scott and my favorite local memorial park. We then went to A Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver (see previous blog). From what I could tell they enjoyed it!

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We drove out to the Olinger Mount Lindo Memorial Park up Turkey Creek Road in Morrison. This is the most peaceful place of memory I have ever been to and my favorite 'new' cemetery on the list of ones we have visited. The views of Denver are breathtaking and the closeness you feel to the elements puts this site at the top of my list.

After driving over a mile up a one-lane-gravel-switchback road, we found this! We thought this was the memorial park, and were pretty impressed at just how high up it was!

We drove further up the road and found two of these, we must press on!

We finally came to the end of the road and an actual parking lot for the memorial park. It was amazing.

Here is the view of Denver on top of the mountain. I told you it was breathtaking.

There are so many unique plots!

I love the benches. Since the view is so wonderful, it makes sense to sit and enjoy it.

There are several of these columns around the edge of the park. You choose which one you want your name engraved onto and then your ashes are cast into the wind at that point. Beautiful thought. 

You really have to see it to feel the uniqueness and closeness of this memorial park. It feels like you're on a hiking trip and there are markers on random rocks in memory of loved ones. It is very unique and beautiful. Thanks for coming with us Dad and Vondy!

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  1. This was truly amazing! Thanks Brianne and Scott. Your sense of exploration and willingness to share are much appreciated. Hmmmmm. Might be worth consideration for my final hip placement....